End the juggling,
repetitive effort,
headaches and complaints
associated with assigning
elementary students to classes!

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What's new in 5.0

  • PDF support
  • Support For Vista and Windows 7
  • Copy Configuration button
  • "Assigned To" teacher displays on
    Student Update screen
  • HTML Help
  • Select Target Path button for Backup/Restore


What's new in 5.1

  • New Automated Backup routine added at strategic points within ECA (before Promote, Build Classes and Rebuild Classes)
  • New Backup Management procedure to manage Automated Backups including Restore, New Backup and Delete Backup functions
  • New Student Import and Export support of field labels which will aid in identifying columns
  • New Teacher Import and Export support including support for field labels
  • Modified Student CSV File field description to use familiar Excel columns format

Highly recommends Elementary Class Assigner

"We have used ECA for 5 years with much success. When ECA 5 was introduced, I was very interested to see the upgrade and the features that had been added. One of my favorite new features in ECA 5 is the ability to copy previously configured grade settings. This saves time from not having to enter each set individually. Now you can copy and make minor changes as needed.

Another benefit of ECA 5 is the Save to PDF option. It is so much easier now to send the reports electronically or post them on the shared drive.

ECA is a very user-friendly program. However, occasionally, there may be a situation that requires tech support from the company. I experienced such a circumstance recently and was exceedingly satisfied with the amount of support I received. I am still in contact with the company as they work to continually make improvements for the benefit of the users.

I highly recommend ECA for creating your class lists. We have over 1800 students and I cannot imagine completing the task without ECA! It's a must have program for every elementary school!"

Susanna Zumbro, Technology Coordinator
Hopkins Elementary, Lilburn,GA