End the manual,
repetitive effort, along with the
headaches and complaints
associated with assigning
elementary students to classes!

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Elementary Class Assigner

 uses proven data-driven technology to assign students to classes. Placement is made based on test scores (up to 3), user-defined categories such as behavior/medical issues, boy/girl, gifted, ESOL, SPED, learning disabled (up to 8) so that each class has a balanced distribution of all student types. Specific teachers or included or excluded teachers can be specified to override the default distribution.

Assign Classes

  • Balance the boy/girl ratio
  • Give each teacher a balance of high and low performers
  • Separate problem students from each other
  • Allows each student to be excluded from up to 3 teachers or assigned to one of 3 teachers
  • Allows any student to be assigned to a specific teacher

Reduce Headaches

  • First day of school problems such as "I have a student who isn't assigned to a class"
  • Complaints from teachers regarding unfair student assignments
  • Complaints from parents regarding class assignments

Save Time

  • Eliminating repetitive manual effort
  • Reusing student information year after year via a "Promote Students" option
  • Import student names from existing software*
  • Quickly reassigning students when a teacher is added or removed at the last minute

* Requires your software to have .csv export function.