End the manual,
repetitive effort, along with the
headaches and complaints
associated with assigning
elementary students to classes!

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Elementary Class Assigner software license

Beginning with ECA 5.0, we have implemented a new subscription (license) based policy. You must have an active registered subscription to use and obtain customer support for ECA. Annual subscription fees include a one-year subscription key and free customer support.

ECA subscriptions cost $495 the first year, then $100 for each renewal year thereafter.

The ECA subscription is a single Concurrent Use License, meaning it can be installed on more than one PC (such as one PC and one laptop) in a building, but limited to use by only one person at a time. If additional concurrent usage is required, then an additional subscription must be purchased for each concurrent access. A subscription cannot be shared amongst different buildings even if they are within the same school district.

ECA support pricing